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The Greatest Party Song Ever

Of all the gigs that I've done over the years, some of them will live long in the memory. Usually something happened, a drama of some kind, like when I was in this heavy rock band a few years back - the guitarist was so nervous before playing, (even tho he is an awesome player) he used to get blind drunk just to calm his nerves...Yay he would hit the bar, get wrecked and then spend the rest of the night throwing up. He would do this every gig for a while, he did learn to handle his nerves eventually tho I'm glad to say.

Or the time in a different band where we would play ac/dc "highway to hell"  as an encore, one night the crowd was buzzing so much, a gentleman much much older than myself (in his 60's I reckon) jumped onto a table punching the air got a little too excited and put his fist through the ceiling...

Or the time a lady dressed in a spotted cat suit lost herself in the music, got down onto all fours and paraded round the dance floor pretending to be a tiger or some kind of cat.. Very odd indeed.

However, one thing that always amazes me is how a crowd of people react to particular songs. The song in the video below is one of those songs that NEVER EVER fails. This song will get everyone going totally nuts. If you're planning an event of your own or you're in a band looking for cool songs to play, the advice is simple - you must play this song. In 15+ years of playing in bands, I cant think of any other that gets the same reaction. Fortunately The Merrymakers play this song at every show. Just to clarify, this song is dynamite, we love playing it - we give this one 110% and the crowd never fail to let us know they're enjoying it. We took a video of a rehearsal at our studio in 2018, just in case you were wondering what was the greatest party song ever...

2022 edit: Our evolving set list has some new contenders for the title of the greatest party song ever...

Queen - Dont stop me now

Kings Of Leon - Sex on fire

Guns n roses - Sweet child of mine

Country Roads - John Denver

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