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Q. Ok, You look like a cool band, can I see you play before I book you?

A. You can start by checking out our videos and testimonials. If you're still unsure you could check our gig guide to see if we are playing at a public show near you any time soon.

Q. If I book you, what do I actually get?

A. You'll be getting a 4 piece live band (not a backing track in sight). We specialise in indie / rock / pop guitar music. Most shows comprise of  1 1/2 -2hrs of live music (this is usually split into two sets). We will bring our instruments, amps and our own fully comprehensive 3000 watt PA system and band lighting. The band lighting really helps to create a great atmosphere. Some events book a DJ to play before and after our show, if you don't have a DJ arranged, we can provide music through our PA and laptop setup, (we have over 4200 songs stored on our laptop) . If you have your own mp3 / ipod / cd player we would be happy to plug this into our PA system until an agreed time (usually midnight).

Q. Where do you play?

A. The band are based near Birmingham, West Midlands, UK. We are happy to play anywhere with a 60 mile radius of our location (WS10). We have played all sorts of venues - from a private BBQ party to a huge outdoor festival and everything else in between. Just let us know your audience / guest number and we will bring the gear to suit your event.

Q. How much room / space do you need to perform?

A. We can squeeze into most spaces but the optimal area would be around 3 metres deep X 5 metres wide. If you have a larger space then happy days! We will also require at least 2 double sockets to plug all of our gear into.

Q. So you're a rock band, does that mean you're going to be really loud and make my ears bleed?

A. we are a real band with real instruments. We play at sensible volumes, but bear in mind that things like drums do not come fitted with a volume control, so we have to play at a level to compliment them. We are very aware that a lot of your guests may be sensitive to loud music, but we are by no mean going to make anybodies ears bleed. We will be no louder than your average disco / DJ. Some venues require their bands to play through their sound limiters - if the volume gets too high then the power gets cut automatically. We prefer not to work with these - we consider them to be a PITA as they risk damaging our equipment and potentially spoil your evening. If your venue has one, please check your limiter specification. Your limiter threshold may be too low rendering your  venue unsuitable to host a live band. We will not be held responsible for any disruptions to your event as a result of a sound limiter set too low.

Q. My venue has stated that I need liability insurance and electrical safety certificates for my band, whats all that about?

A. Lots of venues ask for acts to have public liability insurance and have a safety certificate for their 240v mains powered equipment. Deckchair Circus have this covered as all of our gear is regularly PAT tested (certified safe to use) and have public liability insurance up to £5 million. Documentation can be provided on request.

Q. What time do you guys turn up and how long does it take you to set up?

A. Most shows start around 9pm. We like to arrive at a venue around 6pm and set up when we arrive. Set up time time is usually around 1.5 hrs including a soundcheck to make sure our levels are all good and the gear is all tuned up and ready to go. Please consider this when organising your event, we do prefer to set up in an empty room but recognise that this is not always achievable. If you are planning on using a DJ after we finish playing please aim to get everything running on time because if we start late, then we finish late meaning your DJ has less time to play.

Q. Do you do requests?

A. If you want us to play a particular song at your event then please let us know in advance. As long as your request is in keeping with our general style / theme of music and you let us know in good time then we will be happy to consider your request. The band have been playing for a long time now and our current set list is a result of many shows - we have learnt which songs will get your guests on the dance floor. Trust us to have the music covered giving you one less thing to worry about. 

Q. What will you do if the dance floor is empty?

A. Carrying on from the last question, the band have refined their set list and know what songs to play to get your audience revved up. Despite this, sometimes the crowd need a "little bit more" to get themselves in the mood to groove. The band are experienced enough to read the crowd from the stage and will think nothing of mixing up the set and reeling off a few "dead certs" to get everyone rocking again. As an organiser there are a few things to remember, like the timing of your programme. No point getting the band to play and expecting everyone to get busy on the dance floor whilst every body is tucking into your catering that's just started serving. A good tip is to get everyone fed and watered before the band start playing. Speeches and announcements are best done before the band start or during the interval (assuming you're having a band interval).

Q. Bands are notorious for being unreliable, how can I be confident that you'll turn up?

A. Every band member at Deckchair Circus love what they do. We have a professional, courteous attitude and are 100% committed to making sure that your event is a success. Every gig booked directly with us will receive a pre gig booking confirmation form for your peace of mind. This will list our load in/start/finish dates/times, our fee and any other special requests. 

Q. Great stuff guys, how do I book you?

A. To get the ball rolling you'll probably want a no obligation quote. Go to our contact page and fill in the online form. Please let us know as much information about your event as possible in order for us to provide you with an accurate quote. We offer fixed pricing at a very competitive rate, our fee will depend on your location from us (WS10). Please go to our contact page for more information.


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