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Function Band Videos 

Looking for a band to play at your special event/occasion can be overwhelming to put it mildly. A few minutes on your favourite search engine will result in hundreds of band websites all claiming to be the best wedding/party band in the universe. So how can you be confident that you're booking the best band for you.

Firstly and probably most importantly, check out the bands setlist/repertoire. Make sure they play the style of songs that you and your guests are gonna enjoy. Lots of bands (including this band) like to try and cover all tastes and age ranges, so dont be too concerned if there are a few songs listed that are not ringing your bell. Most bands have a huge list of songs and are experienced enough to know which songs are their setlist work best. Just because there are 100 songs listed on their website doesn't mean they're gonna play each and every one of them. They tend to stick to the popular ones.

The best way of checking out a band is to go see them. However not all bands play public shows so this tactic is not always possible. Testimonials and recommendations are good and can help put you at ease when booking your band.

Check their mp3's. Any band worthy of calling themselves a professional function band will have these. 

Band videos are the best way for an act to demonstrate their wares without the hassle of going out to see them. You can check out 100 band videos from the comfort of your sofa in a short time. A picture is equal to 1000 words so a good video is where the band really gets to shine. The Merrymakers have their own promotional video - after much discussion,  the band decided that it was time to change their showcase video from 2017 and replaced it with an all new film for 2019. In our video, we perform a medley of some of the bangers from our set list. This could be us performing at your event, playing some of the best songs off all time, giving you and your guests a night to remember forever. Everyone loves a good party and there's not much to beat the memory of a room full of people shaking their tail feathers at your special occasion.

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