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Back in the studio after the 2020 UK lockdowns

Hi, I hope this latest blog finds you in good form; its been a while since the last blog post so it goes without saying that its good to be back to playing music after a very long break. Its mid March 2022 as I write this, we've been back in the studio for a few weeks now having to relearn all of our material but i gotta be honest its been fun. A slight tweak to the band lineup hints that we're looking to raise the musical bar from last time around and create even more great memories for our audiences and ourselves.


One thing we always used to get asked about was our band name (Deckchair Circus), its a long story how it came about and whilst the band were never really 100% with it, we could never think of a better one and so it kinda stuck with us. However, the lockdown lay off gave us lots of time to reflect and think about things so dont be suprised to see a name change sometime this year. Being in a band can be real hard work sometimes, late nights, lots of practicing, lots of expenses with gear and studio time and sometimes you do ask yourself "why do I keep doing this to myself" but I have to admit to recently attending a gig night in Stourbridge, there was an 80s tribute band doing its thing and yeah... The energy of the room got me craving the buzz, its all about the people, the connection, the energy...


As the old Kiss record goes "these are crazy crazy crazy nights.."



So yeah, we just booked/confirmed our first public shows for the year and we're feelin good. As you may have noticed,

we followed through with our threats to change the band name. The biggest reason was down to the fact the our old band name was nothing more than random words thrown together, it didnt really describe what we were about and I suspect we may have lost potential bookings because of it. 

The new name loosely describes what we do - we play music that makes people happy/merry. Anyone who has ever seen us will know the songs we play raise the mood, and for a couple of hours everyone forgets about the daily grind as we get lost in the music from a time when the summers were warmer and prices were cheaper...

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